Whole 30 And Dying…

  I don’t know what it is, but I feel like writing a post about food is kind of superficial — why is that?  Is it a Catholic thing? A mom thing?– I don’t know.   But just because some people might focus too much on their bodies,  it doesn’t mean that we have to go to the other […]

Facing Our Fears

There have been a lot of really tragic events in the news lately, and it’s enough to make me want to stock up on canned goods and build a bunker — a place where everybody I love would live in relative peace, away from the rest of the world.  Does anybody else feel that way? But the […]

Making Time for Prayer

Why should I make time for prayer? It’s a worthwhile question to ask yourself.  I mean, we can try to do this day on our own –we can try to be patient and kind when faced with those moments we want to scream and yell –we can try to hit that never-ending “to do” list–or make that difficult decision […]

Mother Teresa: Why Beauty Matters

You may know this already, but Mother Teresa is being canonized in Rome this September.  Granted, it’s one of those “um, yeah, we all knew she’s a Saint” kind of canonizations, but it’s still a really important moment in the Church. I mean, if this little old nun who literally picked dying people off the streets of India, removed […]