Mother Teresa on Smiling

Mother Teresa’s canonization is just over one week away!  Here’s a favorite quote of mine because it’s a quick way to make a big difference in the world — and anybody can do it!  Short but sweet!  Let’s get smiling, people! “We can never know how much  good a simple smile can do.” ~Mother Teresa~ […]

Mother Teresa On Emptiness

We are about three weeks away from Mother Teresa’s canonization!  I love this woman so much, and I really can’t wait! Over the next few Fridays, I am going to post a few simple quotes of hers, because they really are worth contemplating.   I won’t try to add to it — her words will […]

Surviving Houseguests

I recently survived 6 days of guests at my house!  If you’re thinking, “Um, I fail to see the difficulty in that feat”  — then you’re most likely an extrovert and you are going to want to read this to gain perspective on your poor, introverted friends.  If you are an introvert — well, you get it already, […]