Called by Name: Inviting People Home

I’m taking a break from pilgrimage posts to share a little about the Called By Name conference I attended last week.   The goal of the conference: to equip ordinary people like you and me for the very important work of evangelization and welcoming people back into the Church. Bishop Boyea envisioned this series of conferences to energize […]

Easy Weekend Dessert

It’s the weekend!  It has been quite the week — I have felt one step behind on everything this week — new schedules that haven’t made it to my calendar means I have found myself missing meetings, arriving late to events, etc… 🙁 So today I am going to get all of my calendars synced up in the […]

St. Peters Basilica: 7 Quick Takes

Rome — where do I begin?  On some level, Rome is like every other big city out there — traffic, noise, the constant activity of people doing all the things that people do in big cities.  But Rome is also strangely unlike any other big city in the world– it is literally bursting at the seams with all things Catholic — […]