The Importance of Leisure

Leisure is an important thing.  This statement might seem obvious to some — and slightly offensive to others.  In fact, our American work ethic might make it difficult to believe that leisure is an important part of our lives.  You might even equate leisure with laziness, sloth, or vice. Spiritual direction over the years has made one thing […]

Life Lately: Lenten Edition

How’s your week going? We have lots going on at the moment, including celebrating St. Patrick’s Day — Yippee!  So, on to the Quick Takes: ~1~ Frater, Momento Mori I’m happy to announce our power is back.  We had great moments of bonding and family adventures — but thank God for electricity.  It’s the best! While the power was out, […]

When We Fail to Catch Our Kids

Last week we were out of power for 5 days.  No lights, no power, no running water, no toilets — and no idea when it would be restored.  This wouldn’t have been so bad if the temps didn’t drop well below freezing most nights,  but we were managing — and I dare say — we were actually […]