Surviving Houseguests

I recently survived 6 days of guests at my house!  If you’re thinking, “Um, I fail to see the difficulty in that feat”  — then you’re most likely an extrovert and you are going to want to read this to gain perspective on your poor, introverted friends.  If you are an introvert — well, you get it already, […]

Whole 30 And Dying…

  I don’t know what it is, but I feel like writing a post about food is kind of superficial — why is that?  Is it a Catholic thing? A mom thing?– I don’t know.   But just because some people might focus too much on their bodies,  it doesn’t mean that we have to go to the other […]

Let’s Talk About….Babywearing

Babywearing:  it’s a THING.  If you google “babywearing”  you will find hundreds of videos and entire sites dedicated to babywearing.  I guarantee, if you spend any time perusing these videos, you will find a rainbow-haired, colorfully-tattooed Dutch mama who is particularly good at wrapping her babies; that girl can wrap like a ninja! I have only recently purchased my first […]