Washington, D.C. (With Kids)

Well, it’s been an intense week.  Time to lighten things up a bit, shall we? I thought I’d offer you my tips on visiting D.C. with kids.  Obviously, it’s a worthwhile place to visit — for so many reasons — but it is also a very child-friendly city, and we really enjoyed it. So don’t be afraid […]

Why We March…

My mother is one of the founders of the March for Life — in fact, she was pregnant with me during that first March — and the story of how it all came about is an interesting one. A few years prior to the March, my mother found herself in a convent in the South. Though the “nun” thing didn’t […]

Readjusting to Ordinary Time :(

Welcome back to ordinary time. 🙁   I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to get back into ordinary time.  I mean, couldn’t the Church have come up with a better name than “Ordinary“?  Ordinary time just sounds so — well, ordinary.  And who likes ordinary? No, we want a life of adventure and excitement — so […]

Pax Et Bonum, Fr. Mike

No doubt, some of you have heard that Fr. Mike Scanlan died this past week.  He spent 85 years doing good on this earth, and after an extended illness, he went to be with his Lord. Though my head is currently swimming with memories of this amazing man, I can’t let this week pass by without a few […]