Surviving Houseguests

I recently survived 6 days of guests at my house!  If you’re thinking, “Um, I fail to see the difficulty in that feat”  — then you’re most likely an extrovert and you are going to want to read this to gain perspective on your poor, introverted friends.  If you are an introvert — well, you get it already, […]

Facing Our Fears

There have been a lot of really tragic events in the news lately, and it’s enough to make me want to stock up on canned goods and build a bunker — a place where everybody I love would live in relative peace, away from the rest of the world.  Does anybody else feel that way? But the […]

Chickens and Kids…

So once upon a time, I decided I really, really wanted chickens.  I spent countless hours perusing pinterest to find out everything I needed to know about chickens.  Then I spent countless more hours convincing my husband that chickens were an amazing idea and we could weekend warrior a coop–no problem. Finally, I had him […]

Living the Life….Confession

Confession…it’s a thing…a really good thing…a run out to your local priest and get this thing done, thing.  If you’re Catholic, you’ve probably gone at least one time this year, because frankly we’re asked to go at least that often.  But maybe instead of saying that it’s something I have to do, what if I said that it was something […]

Why start a blog??

I have thought about starting my own blog for a few years now.  I briefly blogged for a local news site, and had one article published in the local newspaper, but life with little kids was busy — crazy busy — like it was impossible to carve out the time to do both well.  Something had […]