Easy Weekend Dessert

It’s the weekend!  It has been quite the week — I have felt one step behind on everything this week — new schedules that haven’t made it to my calendar means I have found myself missing meetings, arriving late to events, etc… 🙁 So today I am going to get all of my calendars synced up in the […]

7 Quick Takes in Florence

You may have read last week’s post about our time in Assisi.  If not, you might want to begin here.  For the second leg of our family pilgrimage in Italy, we chose Florence.  Perhaps it’s not the first place you would think of for a family pilgrimage — but believe me, there were many unexpected blessings to […]

Chickens and Kids…

So once upon a time, I decided I really, really wanted chickens.  I spent countless hours perusing pinterest to find out everything I needed to know about chickens.  Then I spent countless more hours convincing my husband that chickens were an amazing idea and we could weekend warrior a coop–no problem. Finally, I had him […]