Perfect Holiday Cocktails – Gotta Try These!

Merry Christmas!

Okay, I’m taking a break from my “break” to share a quick recipe for a delicious cranberry cocktail — you’re welcome! 🙂  These are just so perfect for this time of year that I had to share.  And hey, the cranberry juice and whole organic cranberries make this drink pretty darn close to taking your vitamins — so go for it!

We made a non-alcaholic version for the kiddos.  So enjoy these with the people you love!

Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Cocktails:

1 ½ cups vodka.
1 cup cranberry juice (we used Trader Joe’s unsweetened pure cranberry juice).
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice.
1 cup ginger beer or ginger ale – maybe more  (we used ginger ale to balance the bitter).
1 cup fresh cranberries and lime wedges for garnish.

This is what you need to pull it off.

I was also able to put to immediate use a gift from my kids — I highly recommend the “chef’n” brand citrus squeezer.  Usually I feel like an arthritic after squeezing juice out of limes — but no more! It’s amazing!

That citrus juicer is amazing! Highly recommend.

Now how to put it all together.  First, assemble the garnishes — aren’t they just so darn cute?  Then in a pitcher combine the cranberry juice, cranberries, lime juice (I also added lime zest), and vodka.  Set this aside in fridge or cold spot outside.

For the kids, I obviously omitted the vodka, and kept in a pitcher.  Find some nice fancy glasses that you wouldn’t cry over if they happen to break. 🙁

At the last minute put ice in your glasses, divide cranberry alcoholic version in 4 to 6 glasses — honestly, you’re probably going to want to make a second pitcher because they are just so darn good — and top with ginger ale in each glass to the individual’s liking.  Top with garnish.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

Pretty little things! Sorry the picture’s blurry. 🙁

Wait! Wait!  Before you take your first sip, you have to get down to the littlest one’s height and make a good old heartfelt toast — raise a glass and have some fun with it!

To the saints who have gone before us and to a future full of hope. Amen. Yes — Catholics can pray before cocktails. 🙂

~Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!~


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