Why start a blog??

I have thought about starting my own blog for a few years now.  I briefly blogged for a local news site, and had one article published in the local newspaper, but life with little kids was busy — crazy busy — like it was impossible to carve out the time to do both well.  Something had to give, and I knew it couldn’t be my attention to my kids.  So I gave up something that I enjoyed doing because I knew that the timing was off.  I’m happy that I did that — no regrets.

But recently, I began finding myself doing crazy things to express myself, like spending 30 minutes crafting reviews for items I purchased on Amazon, with headings such as…”if this is Egyptian cotton, then I’m an Egyptian princess”… really, guys, that is from an actual review that I recently wrote.  And then a few people, including my husband, suggested that maybe I should start a blog.  Now, if your husband suggests you begin doing something that will add more chaos to an already chaotic life, you need to take a second look at the matter.  So I did.

The thing about being a mother with six kids, is that you need to find the right outlets to help keep the joy in this beautiful life alive.  I said the right outlets, because there are many, many wrong outlets that just leave you exhausted, worn out, and feeling like the shell of a person you once were.

For me, organizing my thoughts by writing them down, helps me to see the beauty in the everyday.  It helps me to laugh about those moments that I thought I was on the edge of losing my mind.  All of a sudden, from the chaos of working in the family business, homeschooling my children, and just plain mothering twenty-four seven, there arises something really precious…perspective on just how blessed I am.

So last week, I was running feverishly (okay, actually walking) on some sort of elliptical machine at the local gym, and the question just occurred to me…”If I were going to write a blog, what would I name it?”  A simple enough question, but then I started searching domain names that I would theoretically choose for a blog.  My first try:  denied, already taken.  My second try: denied again.

All of a sudden, I began to panic because it seemed like every good domain name was already taken — like there wasn’t one left in the entire cyber world!!!  Yes, I think that way — I know, it’s a problem, a sickness really.  So I decided I wasn’t getting off that elliptical until I could find a domain name for my blog (what blog? I chose to ignore the fact that I didn’t actually have a blog.).

I gave it one more try.  On the third try, I discovered moderncatholicmom.com hadn’t been taken.  And then, I impulsively began to register and purchase the domain name, in the middle of my workout, in the middle of the gym.  What was I thinking?  Well, at least there was a special sale on:  only 99 cents baby!  Woohoo…done and done!

Then I had to actually figure out how to create a blog, but that’s another story for another day.




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