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Modern Catholic Mom | The Birth Story

The Birth Story: Part Dos

Time to finish this here birth story, I suppose.  Sorry to leave ya'll hanging for a week.  I'll wrap it quick and give you some swoon-worthy photos.  How does that sound?  Good. So after I got all … Continue Reading

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Something Other Than God

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Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak For Themselves | Modern Catholic Mom Book Recommendations

Breaking Through

From the book: Catholic women are some of the most maligned, most caricatured, and most intriguing people in American society. America is flirting with the idea that being a … Continue Reading

The Day I Died | Modern Catholic Mom Recommends

The Day I Died

In her honest work, The Day I Died, Melanie Pritchard tells the harrowing tale of her sudden death and miraculous healing through the remarkable accounts of those who witnessed it … Continue Reading

Why Catholics are Right | Modern Catholic Mom Book Recommendations

Why Catholics Are Right

From the book: A practicing Catholic defends the faith and offers a passionate response to current anti-Catholic opinion.   In Why Catholics Are Right, author, columnist, and … Continue Reading